DIY Custom Numbers Cards ~ FREE Printable Number Cards

With some supplies and a few easy steps you can make custom number cards for your young learner. Number cards are good for number recognition, playing number games like “Go Fish”, memory match, and if they’re laminated they can be used as tracing cards with dry erase markers.

copy paper

scrapbook paper (I got mine on sale scratch n dent at JoAnn’s. JoAnn’s and Micheal’s also have 50% off coupons all the time.)



pdf number cards

laminator and pouches

1. Download the number cards pdf. Or make your own! If you have a neat hand, you could do without the printing. Measure the cards out with a ruler, then write the numbers on yourself.

Number Cards ~ copyright 2012 Octavia Jones

I’m offering this pdf free for printing for personal use only. Please respect copyright and do not share, copy, or sell the pdf or contents or link to it directly on your blog. Feel free to link to this post to share.

2. Pick your custom backing for the cards from your scrapbook paper.

3. Use the copy paper and pencil to trace the size of the copy paper onto the back of the scrapbook paper.

4. Cut along your traced lines and then you’ll have a piece of scrapbook the right size to fit in your printer.

5. Print the number cards on the white side of your scrapbook paper.

6. Cut out the cards, put in a laminate pouch, and laminate.

7. Now cut apart the cards, leaving about 1/4″ of laminate around each. I like to round the edges so there are no sharp corners.

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