Homeschool Planning for 2012/2013

This year I decided to reuse an old Sonlight binder for planning our next school year. The binder is a large three ring with 36 numbered tabs. I took out all the Sonlight materials and stored them in a different binder. I think this system should work rather well. Behind each tab I will store the week’s schedules and printables. Then, next year, each week I will load the schedules and worksheets into my teacher’s guide and the children’s main binders. I won’t need to worry about getting behind at times because I won’t load the next week until the current week’s work is complete. The days will likely be off here and there if we have days we don’t finish everything scheduled. At that point we’ll play catch up and I’m not against assigning homework either when necessary.

I made my planning pages myself as I prefer them to be customized. I uploaded the pages as a pdf on google docs in case they may be useful to someone else. Some of the pages are more general and would be useful to more people, while our weekly schedule pages would probably only benefit a few. Click on the calendar pic below to download the pdf. This pdf is offered free for personal use only. Respect copyright and do not share, copy, or sell any of the contents. If you think this would be useful to someone else share the link to this post on my blog. 🙂

Before I started planning our weekly schedules I made a color coded calendar for the 2012/2013 school year. This way I could mark out holidays, birthdays, etc that we will take off and mark our start and stop date. Doing this made it easy to count up our school days and see how many random days we will be able to take off and still maintain our schedule. Below is a pic of how I color coded my calendar.

Next I made a web for planning which subjects are done independently and which require class time, how many days a week each subject will be done, and how many total lessons each subject will have for the year. This way I can plan how much work to schedule in each subject per lesson to complete our curricula in the year. I like to differentiate between class work and independent work because I make separate schedules for each student that has their independent work written out and also this helps me manage my own time when I know how much class time we will need. You can see my process in the pics below. The larger bubbles are the subject, smallest bubble is how many days a week that subject is scheduled, and the medium bubble farthest out is how many total lessons that subject will have for the year.

Next I made weekly schedules for the class, the students, and a separate one for my PreK 4/5 student. I added these to the downloadable pdf. We do ‘regular school’ Mon.-Thurs. and Fridays most of our subjects are different, the schedules reflect that. They’d likely only be useful to someone who does similar with their school or only plans to do PreK 4 days a week. I included the pages with days of the week labeled and blank as well. One of the Prek schedules has subjects and days labeled and the second is blank. We use workboxes for PreK and there is space for planning those. I left blank spaces for the dates at the top and on the student schedules blank spaces for names too. There are plenty of less customized weekly schedules for free on the net. Here’s a nice one and another.

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I'm a homeschooling mom of three. I love to cook, eat, read, learn, knit, sew, draw, and teach (not necessarily in that order!).
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2 Responses to Homeschool Planning for 2012/2013

  1. Michele in MN says:

    Do you have a link to the circle form you used? I would love to use it too!


    • Hi Michele- if you click on the big pic of the 2012/2013 calendar it will take you to a pdf on google docs that includes the circle form as well as all the rest of the planning forms. You can choose to print just the circle page if you like by entering the page number into your printer’s option box. Enjoy! 🙂

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