Knowledge Quest MapTrek


Last year I purchased the Map Trek Hardcover Atlas and CD-ROM from Knowledge Quest to use with my 3rd and 5th grader. I love them and have continued to use the maps for over a year so far. The collection CD-ROM includes Ancient World, Medieval World, New World, Modern World, and US Edition maps. There are 3 levels of instruction so the atlas and maps can be used from 1st grade through 12th, which is a definite plus.

Here’s a pic of a student map with the corresponding color map in the atlas:

The atlas has full color versions of the printable student maps with all answers labeled. The maps print out with very light blue waters. There is explicit instructions for each map and each level for the teacher. Knowledge Quest offers a generous 47 page sampler pack when you sign up by email for their newsletter. You can also see samples on the website. The maps really are pleasant to the eyes. They are a wonderful addition to the study of History. Knowledge also offers free curriculum integration guides to help you know how to fit the maps into the History curriculum you are already using. Story of the World, Sonlight, A History of Us, Ambleside, and Veritas Press, just to name some of the very popular options Knowledge Quest provides integration guides for. They couldn’t have made it any easier!

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