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FREE Cut and Paste Mother’s Day Crafts

I made these crafts for my little one to help her celebrate Mother’s Day. She really enjoys making things for her grandmas and great grandmas and I wanted to help her show some love and appreciation for all the moms … Continue reading

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DIY Custom Numbers Cards ~ FREE Printable Number Cards

With some supplies and a few easy steps you can make custom number cards for your young learner. Number cards are good for number recognition, playing number games like “Go Fish”, memory match, and if they’re laminated they can be … Continue reading

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Tot School ~ Letter Hh and Fairy Tale Fun

This week Little B has had lots of fun with the Letter Hh sound, learning more about life cycles, and exploring the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I introduced the letter Hh sound with a worksheet and mini book. … Continue reading

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FREE Letter of the Week/ FREE Letter Sound of the Week Overview

      Pulling together a free Letter of the Week or Letter Sound of the Week curriculum can be done! Is it time consuming finding resources and getting them ready? Yes, so I want to share the resources I’m … Continue reading

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“Let’s Play Shop”~ FREE Printables ~Math Center Money Game PreK-K

Little kids love pretend play. They learn so much while at play. Little B is very into imaginative play right now. She is so creative. She builds little worlds from toys and comes up with innumerable fresh characters each day. … Continue reading

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